Dean : Prof. Kang C. Jea

Tel : ( 02 ) 903 - 1111 ext . 2413

Introduction to the College of Science and Engineering

The Society of the Divine Word is in charge of the College of Science and Engineering. It has six departments including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electronic Engineering and Information Engineering, with a total of near 2000 students. Among these departments, the Department of Electronic Engineering will start a master's program in 1998, and all the others already had Master of Science graduate programs. Moreover, the Department of Chemistry established a doctoral program in 1991.

The general aims of this college are to educate and train students to take their places as professionals in the field of science and engineering and to apply scientific principles to help meet the different needs of society. We emphasize the knowledge of science and technology, but we also provide many courses in art and humanities in order to encourage our students to develop of their potentials well-roundly.

Research programs in the departments attempt to extend the frontiers of knowledge in various fields with special emphasis on present specific needs of the country. Research cooperation with government institutes and with local industry is increasing, thus raising the level of active research done in each department of the college.

Graduate Institute of Physics
Graduate Institute of Mathematics
Graduate Institute of Biology
Graduate Institute of Chemistry
Department of Physics
Department of Biology
Department of Chemistry
Department of Mathematics
Department of Electronic Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering