Research at Fu Jen

Fu Jen Catholic University continuously reaffirms its commitment to research, instruction and community services in the pursuit of its mission.

With research serving as an essential justification for the existence of a university, significant efforts have been exerted towards the establishment of research units for the promotion of research activities in specific disciplines.

At present there are six research centers.The following is a summary of these research centers :

I . The Cross-Cultural Center :

It was established in 1989, aims to promote research in cross-cultural studies in a way that will boost the modernization of China and the standard of knowledge for people everywhere. The center is headed by a Director.

II . Universitas :

Review of Philosophy and Culture was established in 1960 with Archbishop Stanilaus Lokuang as the publisher. Universitas aims to facilitate the flow of culture between East and West. In addition, it endeavors to elevate the standard of our people's academic knowledge and deepen the realization of a new Chinese culture.

III . Catholic Observer :

A Biweekly started its publication in 1989 with Archbishop Stanilaus Lokuang as the director. It conducts researches on a wide spectrum of contemporary social, economic, political and religious issues as they affect the development and well- being of Taiwan society.

IV . Institute Documentorum Ecclesiae in SINIS :

It's under the direction of Rev. Mark Chang, S. J., Ph.D., and is in collaboration with the Association of Study of Modern Christian Mission between China and the Western World. The institute annually publishes a historical book in series and a journal-- "Collectanea Historica Ecclesiae."

V . Institute Historiae Ecclesiae :

It's under the direction of Rev. Mark Chang, S.J., Ph.D., and is a cooperative venture with the Graduate Institute of History to study the history of the Catholic Church. It has a library of approximately 5000 volumes, mainly on the history of the Catholic Church. Research activities cover the whole range of Christian culture and history, with special emphasis on cultural exchange between East and West. The facilities of the institute are open to the general public as well as to the faculty and students of Fu Jen Catholic University.

VI . The Great Dictionary of Philosophy :

Although the publishing sector has enjoyed great prosperity in Taiwan, yet there are few reference materials available for philosophy. This serious philosophical shortage has led Fu Jen University to begin preparations for compilation of a philosophical dictionary. Under the direction of the former president, Archbishop Stanilaus Lokuang, a committee for the compilation of the philosophical dictionary was formally established in 1984.

Numerous distinguished scholars are invited to collect and compile research materials on philosophy, to explore viable solutions to philosophical problems, and to promote academic research in related fields in philosophy.

The Committee plans to publish ten volumes on the three main philosophical system: Chinese, Western, and Buddhist. The first volume was published on January 1, 1993.

VII . Institute Philosophiae Scholasticae :

It was established to enhance the philosophical spirit between East and West, to harmonize Eastern and Western culture, and to do in depth study in Scholasticism. The principal functions of the institute are:

1. Systematically collecting and keeping books and other research materials on Scholasticism.
2. Promoting comparative research in Scholasticism and Chinese philosophy, and holding regular seminars and publishing and distributing the results of such research.
3. Setting up collaborative research projects with other well-known academic research institutes.

To accomplish these objectives and functions, the institute has conducted two academic seminars on Person and on St. Augustine, respectively.

VIII. Socio-Cultural Research Center:

The Socio-Cultural Research Center was founded at Fu Jen University in September 1993. The purpose of the Center is to promote academic research and undertake studies that focus on the geographical and cultural area defined by Taiwan,the mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. The topics studied emphasize the present and future direction of the political, economic, social and cultural dimensions that define these different sub-cultural areas.

The forerunner of the Center was China News Analysis, a journal founded in 1953 by the renowned Hungarian Jesuit China-watcher, Fr. Laszlo Ladany, S.J. (1914- 1993). In 1994 China News Analysis formally became part of the Socio-Cultural Research Center at Fu Jen. China News Analysis is sent on subscription to all parts of the world.

Following the transfer of the China News Analysis to the Socio-Cultural Research Center, the special holding and files of China News Analysis are now part of the research library of the Center. Most of these Chinese-language resources have been selected from the mainland China press, and include :

( 1 ) Newspaper Clippings

( 2 ) Biographical data/Files on Party and State organizations

( 3 ) Index to selected articles from periodicals 1985-1994

( 4 ) Radio transcripts

The files of the Center are open to researchers. For further information please contact :

Socio-Cultural Research Center

College of Law, Fu Jen Catholic University

Hsinchuang, Taipei Hsien

Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tel : 2903-1111 ext. 2756

Fax : 2901-0724

E-mail :

IX. The Fu Jen University Press is the standard bearer of the University's publication movement. It has two sections: Publication and Sales.

The Publication Section tries to choose academically significant manuscripts by Fu Jen University professors for publication. In addition, the Section collaborates with the University research institutes, supporting their own publications and seeking their collaboration for joint publications. Hundreds of books of various types have been published, including the University Series, the Fu Jen Academic Studies Series and Journals.

The Sales Section sells student goods, such as books, stationery, presents and souvenirs' identification with Fu Jen. The Section also sells products designed by the University itself.

In short, the Fu Jen University Press aims to provide the best service for faculty and students.