The School of
Continuing and Extension Education
Director : Fr. Joseph Teng Tel : ( 02 ) 2901 - 6906
Cooperating with the government's educational policy for those who wish to continue their education, Fu Jen Catholic University opened the Evening Division at the beginning of 1969. Day School faculty were employed, and the facilities of the Day School were shared. When on April 4th of that year, the Ministry of Education granted permission to accept students, the Departments of Chinese Literature, English Literature and Business Administration were established, and Professor Lin Dong, Dean of the Day School, became the Director. That September the Evening Division participated in the Joint Entrance Examinations for northern Taiwan Universities and accepted sixty students for each department. The following years saw the establishment of the Departments of Law, Mathematics, History, Library Science, Mass Communication, Economics, Japanese Literature, Accounting, Statistics, International Trade and Philosophy. In the current academic year 1996-97, there are fourteen departments with eighty class sections, and enrollment stands at 4559 students. Since the establishment of the Evening Division, 23897 students have graduated.

The Director of the Evening Division is responsible for the organizational structure and works together with three administrative sections, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and General Affairs. All departments include assistants and military officers among their personnel. Departmental chairs were established in 1977, and the appointees were generally those occupying the corresponding chairs in the Day School. Since 1979 twenty full-time advisors, three psychological specialists, and six full-time teachers have been added to the staff, and since 1981 a special advisor is coordinating the efforts in psychological and spiritual service aiming to strengthen students' personal development.

The Evening Division of Fu Jen has gradually become a second section of the University, although one of its objectives is to promote higher education to working students. Since in recent years both the Ministry of Education and the general public are feeling a need to further extend education, the Evening Division has established a system for auditors. These studies credits will count towards a degree if they pass either the Entrance Examinations or the Transfer Examinations.

There are 186 auditors at present. Over the past twenty-eight years, the dedication, the careful management and the concern and encouragement displayed by the late President, Cardinal Paul Yupin, the former Director, Dr. Lin Dong, the President, Dr. Peter Tuen-Ho Yang and the Director, Fr. Joseph Teng, together with the Faculty's devotion have made possible the achievement of Fu Jen Evening Division. In this tradition the Evening Division continues to foster the intellectual and spiritual growth of Fu Jen students.