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Dr. Lin , Shei-Fu

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Introduction to the
College of Foreign Languages

In 1980 The Foreign Language Section of the College of Liberal Arts, under the permission of the Ministry of Education, became an independent College of Foreign Languages, which was the first such college in the Republic of China. The college now includes six departments: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Italian, eight graduate schools: Linguistics, German, English, Spanish, French, Interpretation & Translation, Japanese, and the Doctoral Program of Comparative Literature.

The first concern of the College is to develop real mastery of a foreign language in its students. Programs of the departments are also geared to developing skills in reading various kinds of advanced texts and writing in styles appropriate to different contexts. This of course involves entering into the thinking patterns of each language and acquiring skills in analysis. In this way, the College of Foreign Languages hopes to prepare its students to enter and serve society in many different fields and occupations.

Another major concern of the College is to build up a sensitivity to cross- cultural values in its students through courses in literature and civilization. This orientation intends to deepen the students' understanding of a foreign culture's values and thus increase awareness of the global family. But it also aims to familiarize students with the basic values of Chinese Culture, and thus prepare them to serve society by a profound and constructive criticism of philosophies, values, and technologies which bring rapid changes in modern society.

Graduate programs continue the same emphases with more depth. Research tends to center on field studies in linguistics, language training programs on all levels in the Republic of China, and comparative studies in language and literature. They also strive to prepare highly qualified teachers of language and literature and translators with wide knowledge in both Chinese and a foreign language to serve the needs of society.

Graduate Institute of Linguistics
Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation Studies
Graduate Institute of German Language and Literature
Graduate Institute of English Language and Literature
Graduate Institute of French Language and Literature
Graduate Institute of Spanish language and Literature
Graduate Institute of Japanese Language and Literature
Graduate Institute of Comparative Literature

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