Fu Jen Catholic University / Extension

Fu Jen Catholic University / Extension is located both at Fu Jen main campus and the Taipei downtown city campus. Enjoying the use of the University facilities, the Extension program is responsive to the ongoing educational needs of the citizens of the local communities. Fu Jen Extension offers university-level programs at every level of expertise--from introductory to advanced--and many furnish the latest research in a particular field or a new approach. We provide highly experienced instructors and outstanding resources in a wide variety of credit and noncredit courses. It contains a wide range of courses: language, computer programs, hands-on software applications, business / human resources management, accounting and marketing.

The General Academic Courses and Special Training Programs are designed for Extension students to broaden their knowledge, professional development, career advancement and personal growth. In the pursuit of "Life Long Learning," Fu Jen Extension seeks an atmosphere of ever improving excellence.

To seek the highest degree of perfection in the international arena, Fu Jen Extension has conducted its Overseas Study Programs since 1990. Overseas destinations include but are not limited to America, Japan, Australia and various European countries. With the goal of providing high quality education, Fu Jen Extension feels proud to offer its services to those who are interested.

In addition, the motto at Fu Jen Extension is "Learn at Leisure." The Extension programs hope to provide a low stress environment where people can go at their own pace when studying and have fun while they learn.