Affiliates of Fu Jen University

Dean : Prof. Louis Aldrich S.J.

Tel : ( 02 ) 2901 - 7271

The Faculty of Theology, which was formerly named Bellarmine College, was founded by the Jesuits in Shanghai in 1929. It was moved to the Philippines in 1952 and then transferred to Taiwan and annexed to Fu Jen University on December 8,1967. Under prescribed conditions and with the approval of the Congregation for Catholic Education, the faculty has the authority to bestow on its students the academic degrees of Baccalaureate , Licentiate, and Doctorate in Sacred Theology and Religious Sciences.

At present, the Faculty is composed of the departments of theology and religious science. Applicants to both departments must be first recommended by their religious superiors, pastors or Bishops in order to be admitted. The Theological Faculty has been established for the following purposes: that Sacred disciplines, and the sciences related to them, may be deeply cultivated and promoted; that students may be highly trained in the same disciplines and be instructed in the knowledge of sources and in the art of scientific work. Thus according to the specific end of the Faculty, they may become well trained workers for evangelization. In close union with the Hierarchy, they may be able to properly build the local Church, to fully understand and widely diffuse the patrimony of Christian wisdom, and to fittingly initiate dialogue with the world of our time.

Director : Patrick Hogan, S.V.D.
Tel : ( 02 ) 2902 - 0992 Fax : ( 02 ) 2902 - 0981

The Language Center of Fu Jen Catholic University was established in the winter of 1964, and became an affliliated institution of the University.

The Center offers courses in Mandarin training from beginning Chinese to advanced studies in Classical Chinese. For intermediate and advanced levels the study materials are selected and arranged according to the individual interests and needs of the students. An important feature of the Chinese language program is the "Cultural Studies Program" which consists of a series of seminars and lectures on Chinese history and culture which are offered twice a month from November to June. It confers no degree, but has a strong training program aiming at both proficiency and practicality.

With 30 excellent faculty members, the Center seeks to attract a multi- national student body to the university. At present, approximately 140 students from 30 countries are enrolled in Center.

Director : Prof. Hsu Ching Yun
Tel : ( 02 ) 2903 - 1111 ext . 3608

Established in 1978, the Fu Jen Child Care Center is a laboratory set for the use of faculty and students of the Department of Applied Life Science. The center serves the department in three areas: community service, model programming, and undergraduate teaching and research.

The center provides a rich and diverse range of educational experience in an open classroom environment. Children learn about themselves and the world around them, and develop their physical, intellectual, social and language skills through games, songs, stories, and play.

The program is based on a belief in the uniqueness and intrinsic value of each child. The center therefore strives to develop a program that will enhance the development of each child to the fullest extent possible.